The Camp is located in Merzouga, into the Dunes.

For those arriving from Marrakech:

  • rental car (direct journey, duration of drive about 9 hours)
  • The bus departing from Marrakech (non-turist bus that takes 12 hours of travel; departing in the morning).

For those arriving from Fes:

  • rental car (direct journey, duration of drive about 7 hours)
  • The bus departing from Fes (non-turist bus that takes 12 hours of travel; departing in the evening and travel during the night).

If you land in Errachidia:

  • Taxi service (2 hours of drive)
  • If you arrive by car: the appointment is fixed before sunset, on the Auberge du Sud, where you can park your car (in the camp you can only enter with a 4×4 vehicle)
  • If you arrive by bus: we will meet you at arrival.

The best time is at least 1 hour before sunset; the timetable then changes according to the season and the application of the solar time (only during Ramadan) Approximately, the times are as follows:

  • Autumn and spring: 16:00 / 16: 30
  • Summer: 18:30 / 19: 00
  • Winter : 15:30 / 16: 00

To enter the camp, you will be able to choose between the following options:

  • camel ride: about 40 minutes
  • with our jeep: about 15 minutes
  • excursion in Quad or excursion in Buggy (additional price)


Contact us for more info on the conditions of the service.

  • During the winter it is suggested warm or thermal clothing; nights are generally cold, sometimes stiff. The beds have warm blankets, but warm clothing is needed.
  • In spring and autumn, night temperatures are unpredictable; they can be pleasant or already cold. Also in this case, for safety, warm clothing is recommended.
  • In summer the nights are generally warm; clothing may be lighter, however, it is suggested to wear a long-sleeved garment in case of a sudden temperature change.
  • inside the tents it is forbidden to smoke
  • inside the tents It is forbidden to cook
  • It is forbidden to use electrical equipment that engages a large power


The above measures are intended to guarantee hygiene and preserve the structure for those who come after you.

Our structure offers traditional moroccan cuisine, both for breakfast and for dinner.

Breakfast is varied: there is both a sweet and a savory option.

  • In the case of food allergies, report it at the time of booking.
  • Vegetarian diet: report it when booking.
  • Vegan: on this occasion, we offer a vegetarian diet
  • Celiac Disease: in the camp there are no “gluten-free” products specific for the celiac disease however, you can consume the tajine which does not contain gluten. For breakfast, if you want to consume baked goods (biscuits, biscuits, bread, etc.), bring these products with you, because they are not found in the desert. However, we offer fruit, yogurt and savory dishes that you can enjoy without problems.

Luxury Oasis Camp

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